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Screen FAQs

Are your screens original brand or afermarket knock offs?

They are the same original brands that the laptop makers use in new laptops.

Will my screen have the exact same part # as my laptop currently has?

Most likely no, but it will have the same resolution, brightness and specifications that your original screen had.

Will the new screen have any dead pixels?

There's a 20-30% chance that there will be 1 dead pixel. If you find more than 1, please return it to us for a replacement.

What if I get the wrong screen?

With so many types of screens used, occasionally a wrong screen is sent. If this happens, please let us know and we'll send another screen to you right away along with a shipping label to return the wrong screen.

Are the screens you sell new or refurbished?

All of the screens we sell in our store are brand new.

Where do your screens come from?

We buy our screens in volume from distributors in Taiwan and Hong Kong. These screens are overstock from factories that assemble laptop computers.

Shipping FAQs

What's a typical shipping charge?

FREE ground shipping in the continental US. For faster service, shipping is more. For international shipments it's about $50 for USPS Express Mail International service. If the postal service is unreliable in your country, please contact us so that we can arrange FedEx shipping.

What's a typical delivery time?

2-3 business days for most locations in the continental USA for ground shipping. 5-7 business days to Canada. 5-20 business days for all other countries, depending on customs clearance.

For international shipments, who pays the customs duties?

The recipient is responsible for all customs duties in their country.